I recommend reading these books. I regret that most no longer available in bookstock
According to my opportunities, I'll try to propose them.

These are:

"Three centuries of lace of lace Royal Museums of Art and History" Anne-Risselin Steenebrugen 1980

"Laces" Anne Kraatz Editions Adam Biro.

"Calais: Catalogue of lace and fashion

" Anne Kraatz

These are three fascinating books that are undeniable references.

Finally in the essential, how could I forget to mention the books of our illustrious family of Normandy lace: the Lefebure.

Despierres, Madeleine G History of Alençon Paris 1886
The historical families of Alencon lace, very informative.

Mrs. Bury Palliser, History of Lace 1869
A classic city by all specialists.

Montupet Janine wrote a historical novel in two volumes "The Alencon lace." In collaboration with Ghislaine Schoeller, also a novelist and art historian, she has published:
"Fabulous lace." Edited in 1988 in R Laffont

I like what book I have since its release, the photos are beautiful, it is accessible and very inspired! In addition, the laces are identified and described by Mick Fouriscot personality in the world of lace.

Brigitte Delesque Depalle "The needle lace" Create 1994 Editions
It focuses on the technical

Ch Mague The picturesque old lace 1930 editions
A classic, easy to find, but not without interest.

Claudette and Michel Bouvot

Caen Corlet Ch 1997, and all their works.

For those who love the linen "White Dreams"
Francoise de Bonneville




Costume of Normandy


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